Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cary's Corvette Continuity Challenge

I’m putting a challenge out to everyone in Corvette-Land!

I assert that my good friend and neighbor, Bill Hatch, holds the record for the longest continuous ownership of a single Corvette.

Bill purchased his new 1957 Corvette in July of 1957 and he still owns the car!  So he has owned the car for 62 years, plus.

The Challenge:  If anyone can identify someone who is a longer continuous owner of a specific Corvette, let’s hear it!  If Bill doesn’t hold the record, then we need to celebrate whoever does!

I have written about Bill in this blog as well as a story that appeared in The National Corvette Museum's "America's Sports Car".  Here are a few of my previous blog posts about Bill:

Bill's car is no trailer queen -- he DRIVES it!  His favorite place to drive was to the beach for playing volleyball with his buddies.  Here is a shot of me and Bill at Moonlight Beach in San Diego!

Once we had a 50th Birthday Party, not for Bill, but for the car!

OK, Corvette (and other) friends -- spread the word.  Let's find out who is the person who has owned a Corvette longer than anyone else?

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  1. I think that is AWESOME, what a challenge I’ve been asking everyone I know who has a corvette. I will be searching through the Vettes for Veterans car show to see if anyone has had a signal corvette for 62 years and 4 months and going. Hope Bill and your friends bring their Corvettes to the show! So far, I’ve been told that’s unheard of! SO…. Bill so far, your AWESOME!