Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BSYAWYD: Second Printing

As most of you know, the first printing of Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive was sold out in March, 2015.

At last the book is available again -  the 2nd printing was released on September17, 2015.

For details about buying the book go to:

Buy Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive

Or for those of you who prefer Amazon:

Buy BSYAWYD from Amazon

This is also a good opportunity to report on "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Book"

Cary's book travels the Globe!

Thomas Payne, of the The Restored 1930's Auto Shop fame gives us this update on the traveling copy of Beltsville Shell:

That's fantastic news Cary, congratulations!

I've posted your email information about the book on my shop Garage Journal web site:  , see post # 8869

and I also posted an announcement on the Corvette Forum:

Here's an update of the status of the "Traveling Beltsville Shell Copy" on my garage web site. It's had over 40 readers so far, it's toured Europe, the UK and Scandinavia  as well as New Zealand. I've attached a picture of the inside cover of it with the NZ readers circled. The Australia fan club is chomping at the bit to get  it send down there once it returns from the UK where it is presently. You're a big hit with my guys Cary!


 That's it for now, best of luck with the new printing. As you know, I'm your biggest fan!!


Monday, September 14, 2015

The Fox Kart

Chapter 2 of Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive lays the foundation that go karts played in the formative years for me and all my buddies in Beltsville.  

Over the years I owned a few nice karts, but the ultimate was a 1962 Fox MAK Kart that I purchased from Dan Holbrook.  It had the McCulloch MAC 8 100cc engine.  It had a "Candy" blue paint job, satellite seat, the "swing" engine mount with the engine centered for good balance, Le Mans magnesium wheels, Bendix drum brakes and a Max-Torque clutch.

I loved that kart so much!  As I said in the book, karting was the season of my life that afforded me my greatest (childhood) joys!  (I suppose you can tell that from from my smile!)

I didn't realize at the time, but the Fox Kart was an international success.  In 1961, at the International Kart Championships in Nassau, Bahamas, the Fox brand won 1st place in three different classes.  Manufactured in Janesville, Wisconsin, Fox Karts won more International Champion titles than almost all other brands combined!

For years I have searched high and low to try to find a kart like the one pictured above with no success.

Nan had more success.  She was working hard to surprise me with a Fox Kart this Father's day and she struck gold.  Through perseverance she located a few people in the vintage karting circles, and in particular Randy Gryczkowski, also of Wisconsin.  Randy has a hobby of finding and restoring vintage karts.  When Nan approached Randy to explore building a replica of my old Fox Kart  she was unsure of which options Randy offered.  So she encouraged me to reach out to Randy directly.  After phone calls and email exchanges I discovered that Randy had recently sold the exact kart I wanted to a collector in Hilton Head South Carolina.  I had missed out!

But then a few weeks later I noticed a kart for sale on the internet by a guy named Tracy Schooler that looked exactly like the kart Randy had restored.  

Here is the video describing the kart that was for sale:
      1962 Fox Kart

You guessed it, Tracy had purchased Randy's restoration and it was now for sale.  Tracy and I quickly sealed a deal and Tracy threw in a treasure trove of karting memorabilia.  

The Fox Kart arrived in Carlsbad today.  But I'm not allowed to play with it until my birthday!

I love that go kart!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Passing of two Corvette Legends

Within the span of less than a week we learned of the passing of two Corvette Legends.

Dick Guldstrand

No one deserves the title of Corvette Racing Legend more than Dick Guldstrand.  In the early days of racing, before the engineers had come up with race-worthy designs, Dick was enthusiastically using Chevy’s finest marque to compete with cars from the best racing heritages.  With guts and bravado, Dick used his mechanical skills to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a Corvette and his driving skills to beat the competition.  Dick was one of the first inductees into the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame.

In recent years Dick was a leading Corvette celebrity attending racing events everywhere Corvettes were found, autographing anything people brought him.  I met him a few times at Long Beach and Road America races, and Dick was one of the most interesting stops on the National Corvette Museum’s “Jay Leno Tour” in 2004.   When the NCM guests visited Dick’s shop in Burbank, California we each received autographed copies of “Corvette Thunder”, the autobiography of Dick’s escapades.  The photo below is Dick with my buddy, Don Kingery, at the IMSA race in Laguna Seca.  Don tells many stories of Dick’s enthusiasm and friendliness, including the time Dick tossed him the keys to a rare and wild Corvette and said, “take it for a spin”!

Martin Milner

Perhaps no actor has done more to convey the mystique of the Corvette in its early years than Martin Milner, co-star of the TV show, “Route 66”.   With George Maharis, who played Buz Murdock, Milner, who played Tod Stiles,  brought the joy of cruising across America in a Corvette to our living rooms for four seasons (116 episodes) beginning in 1960.  Each year Chevrolet would offer up a new model Corvette.  In the first episode we learn that Tod’s father died and left him the Corvette.  Later in that episode, Tod is asked why he is dedicated to “. . . just a car”.  Tod’s reply is my motto about Corvettes, “It’s more than a car to me!”  Buz was an employee of Tod’s dad.  The two of them decide to set out across America to find themselves and adventure.

Like many Corvette fans, Milner lived in Carlsbad, California!