Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BSYAWYD: Second Printing

As most of you know, the first printing of Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive was sold out in March, 2015.

At last the book is available again -  the 2nd printing was released on September17, 2015.

For details about buying the book go to:

Buy Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive

Or for those of you who prefer Amazon:

Buy BSYAWYD from Amazon

This is also a good opportunity to report on "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Book"

Cary's book travels the Globe!

Thomas Payne, of the The Restored 1930's Auto Shop fame gives us this update on the traveling copy of Beltsville Shell:

That's fantastic news Cary, congratulations!

I've posted your email information about the book on my shop Garage Journal web site:  , see post # 8869

and I also posted an announcement on the Corvette Forum:

Here's an update of the status of the "Traveling Beltsville Shell Copy" on my garage web site. It's had over 40 readers so far, it's toured Europe, the UK and Scandinavia  as well as New Zealand. I've attached a picture of the inside cover of it with the NZ readers circled. The Australia fan club is chomping at the bit to get  it send down there once it returns from the UK where it is presently. You're a big hit with my guys Cary!


 That's it for now, best of luck with the new printing. As you know, I'm your biggest fan!!


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