Sunday, March 21, 2021

Open Letter to Connor Di Phillippi - Move to Demolition Derby Circuit?

March 21, 2021

 An Open Letter to Connor Di Phillippi

Photo of Connor De Phillippi

Dear Connor,

I'm going to say what the Corvette Racing Drivers and Team are too polite (and classy) to say:

You should consider a career in the Demolition Derby! 

Your performance in yesterday's 12 Hours of Sebring is ample proof that your best skill is crashing into other cars!

We watched in disbelief as you took out the DPI-leading car as he tried to enter pit row.  Scott Dixon was enjoying a healthy lead until, as Daily Sportscar writes, "the penultimate pit-stop and there was drama on the way in as the #25 BMW of Connor de Phillipi hit the Cadillac hard on the right front corner as he tried to get to pit lane."  By crashing into him you denied the clear race leader a fair shot at finishing #1 overall.

Not satisfied with taking out one #1 car, you then proceeded to crash into the GTLM Class leading  #3 Corvette with fewer than 10 minutes to go in a 12 hour race.  You could have continued in second place and waited for an appropriate time to make a pass so that you could improve from second place to first.  Instead,  you decided to use more demolition derby tactics to take out the class-leading Corvette. Your stupidity didn't earn you any more points, and cost others dearly.

You have shown that you have the physical traits to be a great racecar driver -- but you are clearly lacking in good judgement.

The only solace I can find in your irresponsible actions is the comfort of knowing that you will be unemployed this season after four races.  Then you can get hired in the Demolition Derby Circuit!

In my opinion, BMW and RLL Racing are way too classy to have you on their teams.

Your Friend, Cary


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  1. We were there and my 10 year old was so excited with 10 minutes to go to see us winning. He actually cried when that happened. Trying to explain a racing deal and its not over till...