Thursday, March 25, 2021

Farewell 62 DREAM

Today we bid farewell to our 1962 Corvette.  We purchased the car in May 1997 (for my 50th birthday) and restored it frame-off in 147 days.

Canon helped with the restoration -- she loved being in the garage as all the parts were assembled.  Here she is sitting in a box of new engine parts "helping Daddy"!


It appeared in Vette magazine in 1998 and we took it to the National Corvette Restorer's Convention in 2012 (for the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 Corvette).

 Over the 24 years we owned this car we had many cruise events and parties at the house.

Yesterday a few friends helped put together an impromptu farewell party at . . . In N Out (of course!).  Pictured below are the owners of four Corvettes (left to right): Me (1962), Bill Hatch (1957 - original owner!), Bill Steer (1962) and John Elder (1961).

Bill Connelly (1957) wasn't able to make the burger run, but he stopped by to say farewell on Wednesday.  This means, of course, that three Corvette owners named Bill participated!

Here is everyone who came out to say farewell (left to right): Nan, Shirley and Don Kingery, Jan Paul, Marylyn and Bill Hatch, Bill Steer and John Elder.

62DREAM is returning to Arizona, where it began its life's journey in April 1962 sitting on the lot of O'Rielly Chevrolet in Tucson, Arizona.  The new owner lives not too far from there.  I hope he enjoys the car and its home coming!

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  1. Wow...So Kool , Every Door that closes is another Door Opening. You and Nan Sure did it Right...Thxzzz for Sharing and Wish you and All continued Success and Can't wait fir the Next Chapter....Be Safe👍😎👊