Friday, March 19, 2021

Buff Returns to Riverside

Every year in early February the Vintage Karting Association hosts a three-day event at the Adams Kart Track in Riverside California.  I love these VKA events, and have participated in recent years. 

  • First, we took "Sparkle", the red Fox Kart, to Bakersfield.  
  • That inspired us to take Sparkle and "Shine", the blue Fox Kart, to Riverside in 2017.  
  • The next year we left Sparkle home and took Shine and "Buff" the yellow Fox Kart, to the Adams Track.
  • We couldn't attend in 2019 (the event was the same day as my retirement from Scripps)
  • 2020 was a return engagement for Buff and Shine

2017 - Shine goes to Riverside

2018 Buff and Shine Go to Riverside

2020 Buff and Shine Return to Riverside

This year's event was abbreviated to a single "practice" day rather than the nice three day events with judging, multiple track sessions, a dinner, and more.  Another COVID victim.  So, since we were going to Riverside for just a few hours we decided to just take Buff.  But we still had a blast!

Every racer needs a pit crew -- and in Vintage Karting, that person is mostly responsible for helping get the engine(s) started.  Guess who was my pit crew?

Here's how it is supposed to work:

As always, my Karting Hero, Vince Hughes, was there to help us.  I would drive Buff around the track, and stop by the Pits so Vince could adjust the carburetors on the MAC20 engines.  Here is Vince waving me in for an adjustment!

 Before long, Vince had the engines screaming!  Here is Buff by the end of the afternoon.

Buff was running so well, I scared myself.

Next we are going to Bakersfield in April for more fun!

Thanks, Nan and Vince!!

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