Thursday, October 15, 2020

Happy 90th Birthday, Bob Vollmar!

It's not every day that you can take one of your Corvette buddies to breakfast for their 90th Birthday, right?

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking my good friend, Bob Vollmar, to breakfast at his favorite restaurant, Harry's Diner, in La Jolla.

I picked Bob up at his nearby house for the short drive to Harry's.  Bob has been eating at the same La Jolla landmark since the 1960's when he moved to California.  Bob personally knows the family, including the real Harry, and his son Harry Jr. (who now runs the restaurant with other family members.

We followed all the COVID safety regulations and opted for a table outside.

We decided that this was a special occasion, so we went "big" and got the pancake stack (I opted for the additional blue berries and walnuts -- which makes them "healthy", right?!).


We spent our morning reliving our Corvette escapades.  Bob has owned Corvettes a bit longer than me -- his first Corvette was a 1963 Split Window Coupe which he purchased new in 1963 -- so he beat me by a few years (I bought my first Corvette in 1966).  Here is the story of Bob's acquisition of a Corvette back when you could write a letter to General Motors to ask questions!

Bob's 1963 Corvette Purchase 

 Over the years Bob has owned five Corvettes, but his favorite (and mine too) was his 2009 yellow Z06.

It was Bob who was instrumental in helping us secure our 50th Anniversary Corvette back in 2002.

Everyone at Harry's knows Bob, so it was pretty easy to get him a surprise birthday goodie!

 Good grief!  More pancakes!

It never ceases to amaze me at the fondness I have for the relationships I have with my Corvette buddies!

Happy Birthday, Bob!  Let's get back to Harry's again soon!

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