Monday, July 20, 2020

The Coke Machine is BACK!

It is a happy day in Cary's Garage.  The Coke machine is back in working order!

In 2003 Nan gave me a surprise birthday present - a vintage-look Coke machine, with modern electronics inside (you could think of it as a "Resto-Mod" of vending machines)!

It has a switch so that you can get a beverage out of it without inserting coins -- "Free" mode.

The handle on the front can be pushed to the left -- which dispenses a chilled "Mexican" (real sugar) Coke in a glass bottle, or you can push it to the right -- which dispenses a Corona beer in a glass bottle.  Sorry, Dexter, no Budweiser.

A few years ago the refrigeration unit stopped working.  I tried in vain to find anyone that would fix it and struck out constantly.  Then this month I was rescued by Richard Mason of  California Comport Control who removed the refrigeration unit, took it to his shop, overhauled it, and reinstalled it in the machine.  If you need air conditioning service, Richard is the best.

I waited until my good friend, Wayne Cowie, stopped by to enjoy the first wonderfully chilled Coke.  We "social distanced" on Corvette bar stools in the garage enjoying the first Cokes in many years.

Who wants to come by for a Coke or a beer?

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