Sunday, September 28, 2014

Operation Corvette Rescue Memoralized in 50 Shades of Rust

You will remember the story about rescuing two Corvettes that were trapped in a garage in El Segundo, California:

Operation Corvette Rescue

And you will remember my Blog post about Tom Cotter,  the guy who writes all the "barn car" books:

The Indiana Jones of Automotive Archeology: Tom Cotter

The story has now been memorialized in Tom Cotter's new book, 50 Shades of Rust: Barn Finds You Wish You'd Discovered

50 Shades of Rust

The stories are related on pages 176 and 177 as: "A Pair of Forgotten Vettes, Part 1" and "... Part 2".

The story about the 1967 427-435 Coupe is Part 1

I love Nan's photos that appear in the book, especially the one where you can peer through the garage door as Joe, Dan, Don and Matt are peeling the boards off the garage and inside sit two Corvettes -- a 1965 roadster and the 1967 Coupe.

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