Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fine Tuning the exhaust system on Nan's 56 Corvette

I was in such a hurry to get Nan's 56 to the NCRS convention here in San Diego last year that I didn't have time to make sure that everything was "perfect"  So now a year later I'm on a mission to tidy up a punch-list of items.

One of them is the exhaust system.  I bought tight-tuck headers for the Fastburn 385 engine, and connected them to a standard 56 Corvette exhaust system, upgraded with the MagnaFlow mufflers.  After a year there were a few irritating leaks and a few rattles where the pipes weave their way through the frame and then out the rear of the body to exit in the bumpers.  Very complicated.

Today, with the help of Danny Schrokosch, we visited Lyons Muffler shop in San Marcos.  Jim Baldwin and his master mechanic, Dan, spent four hours going through each pipe and connection.  They replaced three of the "mass-produced" pipes with perfectly-fitting new ones, custom bent and swedged for an exact fit.  Look how clean the installation is on the lower photo!

If you need a whole new exhaust system or repairs don't mess around -- go the the best muffler shop in San Diego:  Lyons Muffler, 1560 Grand Avenue.  Ask for Jim Baldwin at 760/744-8010.  You won't be disappointed!


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