Sunday, May 26, 2013

Herman, Clairvoyance and the Plasma Cutter

Herman Knauer and his family have a long history in Beltsville.  He was a great friend to me at High Point High School and still is 50 years later.  He is a master craftsman at anything he builds.  In retirement Herman decided to build his own monster garage and to fill it with cars and tools.  During the quiet Beltsville winters Herman constructed his own plasma cutter and has been making parts for a hand-made truck -- frame and body!

Besides all of Herman’s many skills I did not realize that Clairvoyance was one of them!  On my last visit to Herman’s garage he gave me an amazing present.  Using his plasma cutter he crafted a sign for my garage out of a big steel plate.  The sign says “Cary’s Corvettes” and there is a replica of a Stingray in the center.  There are two amazing things about the sign:  (1) He chose the name before he knew that I had used “Carys Corvettes” for my Blog; and (2) He used the image of a Stingray before he knew I had just received a Corvette Stingray for Father’s day!

 I painted the sign to match the colors of my 1967 Stingray Coupe and have hung it in the garage next to the car is symbolizes! 

 Thanks, Herman!  This is the coolest sign in my garage!  I can't wait to see the progress on the truck!  When you are done I want to talk to you about my life-long dream of owning a 34 Ford!

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