Sunday, July 30, 2023

Mike's Father's Day Gift

I have met some very nice guys as a result of participating for 10 years in Canon's "Father - Daughter" dance program, but none nicer than Mike Eddy.

Mike has three daughters, and all of them danced at Carlsbad Dance Centre -- same place where Canon danced.  Every Saturday afternoon in the Autumn dozens of dads would arrive at the dance center for instruction on the performance that they would appear in with their daughters in the Spring. The camaraderie of the dads was only surpassed by the bonding with the girls.  So, it was through dance that I met Mike.

At the time we owned three Corvettes and on some Saturdays, I would take one of them to dance class.  Mike was a very friendly guy and we enjoyed talking about my Corvettes.  Before long, Mike surprised me when he purchased a silver C6 convertible.  Our friendship grew with this additional common interest.

Mike joined our Carlsbad Corvette fraternity and attended many of our events.  Here is a photo of Mike and his wife, Patty, who was a major force in convincing Mike to buy a Corvette in the first place, at our 60th Birthday Party for Corvette in July 2013 (back row, second from the left).

As time went on, and three daughters started attending college, pressing priorities pushed Corvette ownership to a lowly position -- Mike sold his C6.

But Mike and I have stayed in close contact.  When the C8 was announced, Mike told me how much he loved the new design.  I joked with him that we needed to go on the "Buddy System" and each buy a new C8.  He liked that idea.

A few weeks ago, I was working in the garage and my phone rang -- it was Mike.  He asked me if it would be OK for him to stop by for a few minutes -- there was "something" he wanted to show me.  I said, "Of course, come over whenever you like!".  As soon as I hung up the phone, I knew what the "something" was.  I told Nan that Mike was coming by -- she instantly knew what was going to happen!


Before long, Mike appeared in our driveway with another "silver" Corvette -- This one is "Hypersonic Gray Metallic".

Nan came out of the house to check out the new car and together we heard the story of its acquisition.

Mike had enjoyed a nice Father's Day this year, but because of family schedules they celebrated one Sunday earlier than the "correct" Sunday.  So, with no other commitments on the actual Father's Day, Mike and Patty decided to drive to Temecula for some wine tasting. Before heading back home, Patty suggested that they stop by Paradise Chevrolet to see if they had any Corvettes available.  Mike dismissed the idea, knowing how difficult it is to purchase a C8.  Patty prevailed and they stopped at the dealership.

Sure enough, the perfect car for Mike was sitting there waiting for him.  With Patty encouraging him, the two quickly decided to make the deal!

Mike and Patty really scored!  The car has a beautiful exterior / interior color combination, is well equipped, and suits the two of them perfectly.

To help celebrate, the four of us went out to dinner, and Nan was able to ride along with Mike. 

Welcome back to the "fraternity" Mike and Patty.  We can't wait to go cruising with you guys!

Cary & Nan, July 2023


  1. Charlies Foreign Car completed a complete brake job on my 64'. They wanted to update the master cylinder to a duel chamber.
    My instructions: It is an original, replace with a single original cylinder!
    In your first photo here in the back row right hand side is that 64 red me and my Corvette. Picture from 2013 and I received it in 2012. I have driven it twice a month since then and saving it for my now 8 year old Grand Son.
    Keep me on your list.

    1. Hi Bob, always great to hear from you! I agree with your instructions to "keep it original"! Yep, that's you in the back row. I'm glad you are doing well! Keep driving that Stingray!