Monday, April 25, 2022

Moments of Inspiration

 Everyone has moments when a person or event inspires their life.

One of mine was when, at the age of 15, Sharon (Cox) Winne arranged for me to get my first ride in a new sports car -- a fuel-injected 1962 Corvette.  That ride changed my life forever and resulted in a life-long love affair with America's Sports Car!

I've recently learned that I have similarly inspired the idea of Corvette ownership within a young man who lived next door to us 28 years ago.

Matthew Reabold, Jr. moved to the house next to ours in 1995, just in time to celebrate his second birthday.  Our daughter, Canon was about 17 months old.  Matthew and Canon became instant friends, and remain best friends today.  Stories of their adventures would fill this Blog to overflowing.

Matthew's dad, Matthew Sr. (of course) and his mom, Shari, were loving parents and have forged a family friendship among all of us.  Vacations, holiday traditions, and watching our children blossom into accomplished adults fill us with pride.

When we first met the Reabolds we owned a 1984 Corvette.  Matthew Sr. had also owned a 1984 Corvette sealing my bond with him.  In the next two years we bought our 1962 Corvette and began a restoration in 1997.  Matthew Jr. and Canon got to see the restoration unfolding in real time.

I've tried to instill the love of Corvettes in many young people, especially Matthew Jr., typically by giving them their first ride in one.  For me, the most memorable ride I gave Matthew was in 2013, at one of the "Cary's Corvette Club" events.  A bunch of us gathered at the house and caravaned from Carlsbad down the I-5 to the Corvette Diner at Liberty Station.  Matthew Jr. joined us -- he and Canon were big fans of the '62.

When it came time to drive home, Matthew shared the ride with me.

In January, Matthew Jr, started texting me for my opinion of a yellow 2002 Corvette he had found near his home.  He did all the due diligence on his own, and all the negotiations with the car dealer.  Before long Matthew had joined the Corvette Fraternity!

The black and yellow theme looks so much like the Corvette Racing cars from the GTLM years (and my Z06) that I decided Jake needed to be part of the ensemble.  So I mailed Matthew Jr. a Jake sticker for his new car!

Well done, Matthew Jr.  We are so proud of you. And welcome to the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of Corvette ownership!

Love, Cary, Nan, and Canon

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