Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Burger Run and Surprise Party

Our Burger Run for February 2020 included a surprise Birthday Party for two Corvette friends -- Dick Reylek (on the left) and Bill Hatch.

This event was  our first visit to the The Habit Burger Grill, rather than our usual stop at In-N-Out.  Their menu has more options (than just beef), the parking lot was spacious, and and they accommodated us on their outside patio area!

We had great weather for February.

We weren't able to get all the Corvettes together, but most of them found parking in "our" spaces!

This was the largest turnout of cars and people for a Burger Run! 26 people and 13 Corvettes.

For this event the attendees were (in chronological order -- the cars not the people):

Nancy Thomas 1956 Corvette
Bill Connelly 1957 Corvette
Bill and Marylyn Hatch 1957 Corvette (and Birthday Boy #1) 
John Elder 1961 Corvette (but unable to bring it this time -- it is getting a new crate engine) 
Cary Thomas 1962 Corvette 
Walter and Jean Perkins 1995 Corvette 
Barry and Jacque Rechtorovich 2002 Corvette 
Jeff and Sherri Smith 2002 Corvette
Bill Brandon 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette 
Dick Reylek  2011 Corvette  (Birthday Boy #2) 
John and Lula Maddox 2015 Corvette 
Scott and Donna White  2015 Corvette 

Mark Trapolino 2015 Corvette
Valerie Treese 2016 Corvette 
Doug Johnson 2017 Corvette

And our other guests . . . .

Wayne Cowie
Brad Lindgrin
Zoe Mullen
Lisa Oskam
Warren Wilkinson

Special note:  We had two black 1957 Corvettes, each owned by a guy named Bill!

Thanks to everyone who came out to make this our biggest and best (to date) event!

Sincerely,  Cary & Nan

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