Thursday, March 21, 2019

Monthly Burger Run #2

For Monthly Burger Run #2 we chose the In-N-Out Burger in Vista, California.

Good turn out considering the weather forecast for more rain.

We had five Corvettes (and a Porsche pretending to be a Corvette)!  Four of the seven Corvette Generations were represented.

The burgers and fries were great, and once again we were able to reserve a section of the restaurant for our group.  Special thanks to the In-N-Out folks for their hospitality!

Here is the group photo:

From left to right:  Don Kingery, Bill Connelly, Warren Wilkinson, Russ Stroika. Marilyn and Bill Hatch, Sherri and Jeff Smith, Nan and Cary.  In attendance, but taking the photo was Bob Rabourne.

Next month we will be going to the IN-N-Out Burger in Oceanside!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event!

See you next month!

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