Tuesday, February 9, 2016

14th Annual New Millennium Beltsville Shell Reunion

On November 14, 2015 we held the 14th BSYAWYD Reunion.  It was hosted for the seventh time at Herman's Garage (thank you Herman, and Tom, Bonnie, and others for all the arrangements).

Highlights of this year's event were characterized by longevity:

Gary Manley arrived in his 1939 Ford Deluxe.  Gary bought the car in 1970 as an empty shell on a frame and had it driveable in a few months.  I fondly remember that car parked in Gary's yard on Sellman Road in Beltsville.  Gary has driven that car all across the country (watch for more details in a future blog post). 

Malcolm Van Kirk arrived in his 1964 Corvette that he has owned since 1966.  Malcolm is the second owner, purchasing the car from a furniture designer named George Merritt.  There are some great stories about the Corvette that will also be told in a future blog post!

Sonny Boteler and Nace DeLauter continued their streak of never missing a reunion since the first one in 2002, and Tom Hontz has attended every one since 2003!  Nothing better than life-long buddies!

Four Corvettes were on display:  Steve Van Kirk's 50th Anniversary Car; Malcolm's 1964, shown here next to (newcomer) "Bud" Duley's recently purchased 1963, and Al Beck's modified C6 Grand Sport.

It was a beautiful autumn day in rural Maryland.  Thanks to everyone who attended:

Front Row: Diana,Suzanne (Rodgers) Lees, Joanna, Bonnie Hontz, and Billy Mortfeld

Back Row: Gary Manley, Steve Van Kirk, Robert Edwards, Herman Knauer (behind Robert), Malcolm Van Kirk, Cary Thomas, Sonny Boteler, Nace DeLauter, Steve Anderson, Tom Hontz, Charles Crowson, Bud Duley, Phil Corbin, Eddie Scarcia, and Pat Thomas

In attendance but not shown: Al Beck, and Nancy Paul Thomas. 

Posted in fond memory of Sam Powell who was unable to attend this year.

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