Friday, July 10, 2015

Independence Day 2015: Corvette Party

What better, more American, way can you celebrate Independence Day than with a Corvette Party?

13 Corvettes and 50 friends and neighbors helped us celebrate Independence Day # 239 and Corvette Anniversary # 62 on July 5, 2015.

Three of our four Corvettes set the stage before the guests arrived

Then we set out the food and the anniversary cake

Then we lined up all the Corvettes

Everyone was happy

Then someone noticed that there were two guys named Bill, each of whom owned a black 1957 Corvette (Bill Connelly and Bill Hatch [who is the original owner of his 57 Corvette])

While we were eating, Kevin Anderson cranked up his drone for some aerial shots

Which revealed that two young women dressed in white were trying to steal the Blue 1956 Corvette

But Herod's new 2015 Stingray blocked their escape, and then we talked them into joining the party and everything ended happily ever-after!

Final count:  We had at least one copy of each of the seven generations of Corvette, with the exception of a C3 car (and next time Mark Yamanaka will bring his 1968 coupe and we will have a "full house")!

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