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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Corvette Utility

Corvettes are very useful.  Besides providing reliable transportation, they are easily deployed as race cars in a variety of settings.  Today I found another use for a Corvette!

Nan has been struggling with gophers in her front yard garden.  She has tried everything to get rid of them.  Solar-powered sonic noise-makers, gas bombs, submerged traps, and poison.  Nothing has been successful in getting rid of the buggers.

At the suggestion of our neighbor, Tom, today we tried something new:  carbon monoxide fumes!

We backed the 62 Corvette out of the garage, connect a shop vac hose to one of the tailpipes, stuffed the other end down a gopher hole, revved the engine and let it run for 10minutes.

I will report back soon on the success or failure of this technique!

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