Monday, October 21, 2013

The Craig's List Stingray

It is amazing to me that people post complete junk for sale on Craig’s List.  Especially if you search with the word “Corvette”.  Used spark plugs, rusted out battery boxes, and lots of completely useless crap.

But I know someone who struck GOLD on Craig’s List:  My buddy Bob Rabourne (or perhaps his son, Phil)!

Phil Rabourne knows cars, especially through his many years as Operations Director of the Speed Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) shows in Las Vega$.  A bit over a year ago he was on the hunt for a nice mid-year Corvette for his Dad.  They found an advertisement for a 1964 Corvette Coupe in Craig’s List in Orange County.  They made an appointment to see the car, owned by a woman who couldn’t keep it in her garage any longer.  Bob and Phil called in a car restoration friend, John Cappellitti the former Hiesman trophy winner, who  inspected it and said, “Buy it; if you don’t I will!”  The asking price was completely reasonable, so Phil offered full price.

Bob is now the proud owner of a  1964 Sting Ray coupe   327 -365 HP,  4 speed, #s matching.  PS, PB, after market Knock offs, Riverside Red, Black interior.  The car underwent a partial restoration about 6,000 miles ago, but only the parts needing restoring were touched – and thing that could be left original was freshened up or left alone.  The car has a rebuilt engine, gauges, seats, and carpet kit.  The Corvette was repainted the original  Riverside Red. The door panels, dash etc. are all original.  While the car sports a 67 style hood and an updated carburetor, Bob has the original hood and carburetor in boxes in his garage.  The speedometer is showing 100,500 miles.  Bob is the third owner; he drives it about 125 miles per month,  Runs as new. Shows as a nice daily driver. 

The Corvette was presented to Bob on his 71 st Birthday as a present from his Son Phil.  If you get a kick out of coincidental numbers:  the 64 Sting Ray is the 64th vehicle Bob has owned and 1964 was the year Bob was married to his wife, Evelyn!

Maybe I should log into Craig’s List tonight?

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