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Saturday, August 17, 2013

You Can Never Have Too Many (Corvette) Friends!

You can never have too many friends.  And you can never have too many Corvettes.  And therefore you can never have too many friends who have Corvettes!

The day started with Dan Schrokosch coming by to help with the engine on the 67 Stingray.

Soon Bill Connelly and his wife Susan stopped by to show me their now complete 1957 Corvette.  After four years of restoration the car is stunning!

Before long Bill Hatch came by to have me look at an issue with his exhaust bezels.  Imaging having two guys named "Bill" each of whom drives a black1957 Corvette with red interior in front of your garage!  What are the chances of that?

After the black Corvettes departed Bob Rabourne stopped by with his red Stingray Coupe!

Then Bill Pierce (who sold me the 1967 Stingray) stopped by with his son Stuart to check on my progress. 

It was a very good day at Cary's Garage! Final count:  1 Bob, 1 Dan, and 3 Bills!

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