Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Indiana Jones of Automotive Archeology: Tom Cotter

OK guys, drop what you are doing right now and check out the books by Tom Cotter!

This man has spent his adult life finding barn cars, meeting other guys who have found barn cars, and writing books about barn cars.  His books have engaging stories about real guys like us who have always dreamed of finding treasure in a barn, garage, back lot or a junk yard and, through persistence, struck gold.  The pages are filled with great prose and terrific “before” and “after” photos.  He is the master of automotive archeology!

I met Tom over the telephone a few weeks ago and have finished reading “The HEMI in the Barn”.  I couldn't put it down.  His other books include: “The Corvette in the Barn”; “The Cobra in the Barn”; and “TV Tommy Ivo”.  I just bought the "Corvette in the Barn" and will be reading it this week!

Tom has appeared on the Jay Leno show and Jay wrote the foreword to “The HEMI in the Barn”.  Here is a great interview with Jay:

Tom’s next book will be “101 Barn Cars That You Wish You Had Found!”  Wouldn’t it be cool if “Operation Corvette Rescue” appeared in Tom’s next book?


  1. Cary,
    Maybe you could be in the book Corvette Addiction: I'm a corvette junkie and don't want any help, except for sanding the body. One man's story on how to avoid a 12 step program.

    I would be surprised if the Corvette Rescue is not included in a book soon.


  2. Arthur, great idea! Those "self help" books sell better than gear-head publications too! Then I could use the book profits to buy ANOTHER Corvette! ;-)

  3. The new offerings by manufacturers continue to flood the marketplace. The older I become, the more I fall back on those vehicles I would have cherished during my high school years. It is great to know others agree and seek to resurrect historic finds on a continuing basis. Some people find their artwork in paintings while others never forget the lines and functionality of the vehicles they could not afford during their youth. ( Jeff S. )

  4. Jeff, I couldn't agree more. Good luck with your search for a really nice C2!

  5. This story has a happy ending! Cary's Operation Corvette Rescueis featured in Tom Cotter's new book, "50 Shades of Rust"!