Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Remove a Tank Sticker

You will recall last month that Danny and I dropped the gas tank on the 67 Stingray and found the "tank sticker".  The Order sheet is about 6 1/2" wide by about 8 1/2" high.  Mine was 45 years old.  The paper was extremely flimsy and I was afraid that by removing it I would tear it to pieces.  I now have a three step fool-proof method to remove a tank sticker:

STEP 1:  Find a Friend who collects Wine labels.

 I explained my situation to Linda Lukasiewicz, my Coaster-riding buddy.  Linda suggested using a product that many people use to preserve the labels from their favorite wine bottles.  The product is called "Label Lift".  The clear labels have a sticky surface on one side.  Linda suggested that I try using the label removing product on the tank sticker. 

STEP 2:  Find a Friend who has Very Steady Hands.

I now had a supply of Label Lift product (thanks to Linda) but needed a steady hand to apply the labels without tearing or disturbing the tank sticker.  Nan carefully put two labels on the top surface and smoothed out all the air bubbles.  We let them dry overnight for a good seal.

STEP 3:  Peel the tank sticker off!

The next morning the tank sticker was firmly attached to the sticky side of the Label Lift, and we were easily able to peel it off the gas tank!

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